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Broadsheet Restaurant

by Foolscap

It’s here. Some of our favourite chefs, bartenders, baristas, sommeliers, dishes, drinks and ideas under one roof. “We wanted to showcase Sydney. The dining scene is really fantastic here, we write about it every day and we wanted to bring it to life in a physical space,” says Caroline Clements, Broadsheet’s publications director.

The first task was creating a space that, with the help from designers Foolscap (which did Noma Australia), represents where Sydney hospitality is at. “The interior had a huge overhaul. We've turned it into a slicker restaurant-style venue. It was much more of a day time cafe,” says Clements, of the old Devon on Danks space. It’s darker now, with ink and cream walls, timber tables and black plates, but natural light still floods in. The ceiling features a sculpture of folds of printing-press paper. The centre wall is animated at night by projections of scenes recorded at Sydney restaurants.