Io io pico ceiling 01

io pico flat cc

by Occhio

LED ceiling/wall spotlight with spherical head and lens optics; version with flat base for fitting onto built-in box or ceiling box; power supply with external power source (converter). Movable in any direction thanks to Occhio 3D kinematics with two pivots set at an angle of 45° to each other; operation via heat-insulated grip pads. Head can be taken off for maintenance; replaceable LED. Power 18 W or 13 W (preselectable); dimmable via customer-supplied dimmable ballast or by hand movement control via touchless sensor (can be deactivated). Lighting effect can be changed through optional inserts; dichroitic color filters can be additionally inserted. Surface combinations of head, pads, body and base can be configured as desired; pads changeable. Other versions: pico up (with surface mount transformer), pico plug (with plug-in point in mounting plate), pico track (1 or 3 phase tracks).