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Occhio launches Mito

14 December, 2017

Occhio presents the new luminaire series  of Mito. Artfully crafted, Mito is enticingly elegant and effortless. It is precisely this attention to detail that shapes the silhouette of the luminaire. The subtly defined cut is the characteristic feature of Mito and shows off the quality workmanship to its best advantage. Mito is available in six different mounting options. The new, refined warm tones such as bronze and rose gold are enthralling and put Mito on center stage in every interior design.

The suspended luminaire Mito sospeso is adjusted via touchless control right at the light source – the luminaire head. Thanks to innovative sensors, the luminaire can be turned on/off and dimmed via gesture control, and the fading function activated to continuously spread light between uplight and downlight. Alternatively, Mito can be adjusted with the Occhio air app or the air controller.

A new feature: color tune lets the color temperature be adjusted according to the situation. The light can thereby be set to match to mood – from a warm lighting atmosphere for a relaxed evening to an energising, cool working light. The light color is infinitely adjustable between 2700 and 4000K. 

Mito can be delivered with a unique height adjustment feature as an option: Thanks to a sophisticated reel mechanism, the pendant length can be easily and precisely adjusted whenever necessary. The cables lengthen or shorten as if by magic, always in a completely even and smooth motion.