With its unconventional style of equal parts graceful minimalism and quirky cadences, it’s no wonder that local restaurant and bar Rice Baby has stood out. The Subiaco-based bistro offers Asian cuisine specialties, while a carefully curated drinks menu is served across a marble bar so stunning that it is featured – rightfully so – in the middle of the establishment, as the centre of attention. 

Eclectic and whimsical, the restaurant features a recurring palette of wood, marble and smooth colour a la Chinoiserie style. Exposed beams run through the ceiling in structured geometric configurations, while unique art pieces are displayed against soft-textured timber panelled walls. 

In the midst of Rice Baby’s quaint theme, Premium Lighting products are the perfect complement to the restaurant’s style, meshing with its minimalist aesthetic and illuminating the space with a vibrant, warm glow. Fitting in beautifully with the black architectural beams on the ceiling, the cylindrical Kobe Track Lights are fitted with honeycomb lenses to reduce glare and add a softer touch to the ambience. The clean and elegant profiles of Titanium Downlights also pepper the bar area, casting a distinctly inviting air while providing functional task lighting. 

Having seen several booked-out evenings since its opening, Rice Baby is poised for success with its piquant fare and signature flair.