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Reading luminaire for the home. Diffuser surface made of polycarbonate for glare suppression and directing the light downwards by means of aligned conical indentations. Luminaire head and arm made of painted aluminium, base plate made of painted steel, flexible supply cord from luminaire to converter (1,5 m), thanks to its touchless gesture control system, the luminaire can be operated and dimmed intuitively.

The high degree of manoeuvrability is achieved through precisely calibrated friction joints and the 270° rotatable, 3D rod end. With 1063 lumens, the luminaire‘s utilised flux complies with the recommendations for work surface lighting. technology, 7,5 W power supply, 230 V AC
7,5 W = 50 W halogen

Data Dimensions: 620 × 1083 × 110 mm (luminaire) 235 × 235 mm (baseplate)
Technology: technology, 7,5 W power supply, 230 V AC Flux: 413 lm
Color temperature: 2700 K / 3000 K / 4000 K
Light distribution: 100 % direct beam
Protection type: IP20 Energy efficiency class: A

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