Nimbus is a forward thinking and constantly evolving company. They like to be ahead of the curve with innovative products that are solution-based. The new Modul Q 280 Project and Modul Q 340 Project luminaires are two additions to the Nimbus portfolio for use in the project field that are well ahead of the curve. Their highlights include:



1) More efficiency

Probably the most exciting aspect of the new Modul Q Project lights is their efficiency. Nimbus refuses to settle and with each new LED they create more efficient lighting. The Modul Q Project 280 and 340 are creating more lumens per watt than pervious Modul Qs. In fact, both LEDs create 130 lumens per watt. Whereas the Modul Q 100 creates just 71 lumens per watt. This is almost double the amount of light being created using the same amount of power.

 2) Fast installation

Designed for easy, hassle-free installation, the Modul Q 280 and 340 use the “Plug and Play” system which means the back of the light need not be removed for installation or electrical connection of the luminaire. This allows complete electrical pre-installation of the luminaires at the ceiling outlets beforehand, followed by fast, convenient one-man final installation of the luminaires at a subsequent date in line with the building completion schedule.

3) Thin profile

Thanks to the new integrated construction, the luminaire head, the canopy, and each of the optionally configurable control systems form an enclosed unit. The Modul Q 280 Project and Modul Q 340 Project are two of the slimmest surface-mounted ceiling luminaires on the market.

4) Visual lightness

With chamfered edges and round, wide corners, these LEDs lend themselves to a visual lightness. Plus, their high level of efficiency makes them a veritable canopy of light.

 5) Variations

Almost all of the luminaires in the Modul Q range are available in 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K. Plus, they’re all dimmable when used with an appropriate dimming device and converter.