AAK Villa

16 May 2017

Luxury residence AAK Villa was designed with the integration of both natural and man-made elements in mind. Spanning three storeys of elegant furnishings, grey stone cladding and timber accents, the Bahrain beachfront estate cuts a stunning sight for guests.  Architects Riyaz and Simeen Quraishi accentuated the home’s structure and neutral palette with strategic placements of … Continue reading AAK Villa


Arup Perth Office

01 May 2017

Professional services firm Arup has remained firmly in the forefront of innovative building and infrastructure design since 1946. Their Perth operations, dating back over 45 years, incorporates Arup’s vision for the future and an open-concept workspace in their new headquarters. Spanning an entire floor in the CBD-located Exchange Tower, the space houses a reception area, … Continue reading Arup Perth Office


Gemcorp Headquarters

27 Apr 2017

Located in Queen Street, London, the new offices of investment company Gemcorp headquarters are the very embodiment of minimalist chic. Archiproba Studios, led by director Tamara Muradova, sought to create the ambience of a simple yet exciting workspace inspired by Gemcorp’s investment focus on natural resources.  Vibia’s Match pendant was utilised in various settings within … Continue reading Gemcorp Headquarters


Bellaria House

18 Apr 2017

Located in Umbria, on Lake Trasimeno, Bellaria House is the quintessential vision of the Italian countryside dream home. An endeavour of luxury real estate company Special Umbria, the property was restructured in 2016 and is now available as a holiday villa for rent. The brick-and-stone facade of the Bellaria grants a rustic aesthetic that complements … Continue reading Bellaria House


Bird Dog Restaurant

10 Apr 2017

From the panelled blondewood walls to coolly elegant dark banquettes, Bird Dog’s eclectic decor is also reflective of its Japanese-Californian fusion cuisine. Drawing inspiration from the unwavering loyalty and companionship of dogs, the Palo Alto restaurant was conceived as an upscale reinvention of the “local hang-out”. A collaborative effort alongside architectural company Studio Ren and … Continue reading Bird Dog Restaurant


Rice Baby

20 Mar 2017

With its unconventional style of equal parts graceful minimalism and quirky cadences, it’s no wonder that local restaurant and bar Rice Baby has stood out. The Subiaco-based bistro offers Asian cuisine specialties, while a carefully curated drinks menu is served across a marble bar so stunning that it is featured – rightfully so – in … Continue reading Rice Baby