Located in Queen Street, London, the new offices of investment company Gemcorp headquarters are the very embodiment of minimalist chic. Archiproba Studios, led by director Tamara Muradova, sought to create the ambience of a simple yet exciting workspace inspired by Gemcorp’s investment focus on natural resources. 

Vibia’s Match pendant was utilised in various settings within the office. Designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal, the bespoke luminaire was chosen for its unique and customisable configuration, which complemented the elaborate textures and distinguished materials used throughout the project. The sharply defined look of the pendant carries a quiet elegance without being obtrusive, described by Muradova as “a spider web enveloping the space, while at the same time remaining completely invisible”. 

A charcoal grey Match pendant hangs suspended over the black marble reception desk in the Gemcorp entryway, while other variations are used in meeting rooms and the break room. The choice of matching black-and-white colours allow the Match pendants to blend into their surroundings, yet the holding just enough character to stand out. “We’ve been impressed by Match lights for a long time before the start of this project,” adds Muradova. “I like that they are geometrically complicated but do not create a sense of complexity.”