There is something about this light – the name, the style, but more likely the impressive function – that draws people to it. Sitting in our showroom, the Roxxane attracts attention from those looking for the finest table or task light available. Designed by Nimbus, it is the perfect combination of simplicity and style. Earlier this year, the Roxxane was bestowed with a Good Design Award, which only underscores the quality and craftsmanship of this luminere.


Why we love Roxxane

The true beauty of Roxxane is revealed when the user engages with the light. Through their development, Nimbus was committed to creating an exceptional light tool that takes advantage of Nimbus’s years of expertise in LED technology. Even the act of turning Roxxane on and off has been crafted with innovation and simplicity in mind – just a wave of the hand controls the brightness, gradually moving it from office light to a dim light.

In many LED lumineres, cooling is a major issue. Keeping the light from over heating is crucial in order for it to reach its extraordinary longevity and efficiency.

The head of the Roxxane houses a unique solution for keeping it cool: a sophisticated mini-architecture for air circulation, which cools as the light is in use.


Smooth moves

The Roxxane uses a special friction joint that allows the luminaire previously unknown manoeuvrability. The 3D-joint can be rotated through 270°, enabling the user to move the head of the luminaire in any direction. This allows a high degree of flexibility and glare-free reading and working. The luminaire will not tip over, even when set in its most extreme position.

Roxxane’s form is simple and pure, while the technology is captivating.  Smart, sophisticated and stylish, Roxxane is available in brilliant white, shades of anodised silver, black and luminous red. We love Roxxane and think you will too.