From the panelled blondewood walls to coolly elegant dark banquettes, Bird Dog’s eclectic decor is also reflective of its Japanese-Californian fusion cuisine. Drawing inspiration from the unwavering loyalty and companionship of dogs, the Palo Alto restaurant was conceived as an upscale reinvention of the “local hang-out”. A collaborative effort alongside architectural company Studio Ren and interior designer Jamie Bush and Co., the restaurant was later named as a winner of the 2016 AIA|Los Angeles Restaurant Design Awards.

The striking nature of Bird Dog’s visual appeal is achieved with modern and complementary styles. A large, open floor space accommodates the dining room, open bar, and private dining area, each uniquely yet cohesively decorated. Custom-made bird decoys float through the restaurant, adding a splash of vivacity amidst the sea of distinctly subdued – but no less beautiful – timber and black-hued furnishings. 

Rich Brilliant Willing’s Gala pendants, interspersed neatly throughout the venue, are heavily reminiscent of Japanese floating lanterns with their unusual design of suspended rounded discs. These stunning luminaires illuminate the room with class and character, contributing to the refined ambience of Bird Dog.