Luxury residence AAK Villa was designed with the integration of both natural and man-made elements in mind. Spanning three storeys of elegant furnishings, grey stone cladding and timber accents, the Bahrain beachfront estate cuts a stunning sight for guests. 

Architects Riyaz and Simeen Quraishi accentuated the home’s structure and neutral palette with strategic placements of various Vibia luminaires. In the public reception areas located on the ground floor, the use of visually striking lighting adds an inviting, eclectic atmosphere. The Rhythm horizontal pendant illuminates the main dining table, with its distinct sculptural fin-like shape serving as a complement to the pivoting timber screens.

Making effective use of the triple-height atrium, Vibia’s Wireflow pendants highlight the indoor feature installations. These stark and elegant lights, known for their customisable configurations, are designed to resemble minimalist chandeliers within the villa’s compound.

Throughout the house, other Vibia products populate the rooms – the Balance lamp adds just the right degree of warmth to the salon, while Suite and Skan fixtures are used in the private spaces of the residence. Outside, the Meridiano and Brisa lamps cast bright hues upon the infinity pool and poolside areas.

The luxurious AAK Villa, with its extensive and considered use of effective structural illumination, is a beautiful showcase of light as an architectural complement.